Den 4 Plans

Den Events Calendar (Does not include service projects, or pack events. Please check the Official Calendar):

 Date / Location



Parents - Prepare with your Scout before Meeting

Den Chief Responsibilities

Business Items


Parents - Work at Home with your Scout.

September 6

    Room 30


 Ziobro's to bring game materials

- Uniform
- Review Bobcat requirements

 Lead Game Activities

- Discuss Earning the Whittling Chip
- 2011-12 overview
- Scouting for Food Reminder

- Bobcat refresher
- Code of conduct Review
- 15c Game

 4c - Read two folklore stories, and tell your den.
Suggestions: Blackbeard, Sir Walter Raleigh, Lost Colony..

 September 20

   Room 30


 - Short stories on cards for 4a
- Cards for Match game for 4a
- Other folklore stories not in the handbook.
- US Map (Mike has one)

 - 4c - Read two folklore stories

 Lead match game. Tell own folk story.

- popcorn sale reminder

- 4a - Each scout to read multiple short folklore stories from book.
Play match game
- 4b discuss folklore stories
4c - Each scout to tell about their folklore stories.

 October 4

    Room 30



- Rope

- Stick

- First Aid Kit

- Other props to tie to "Be Ready"


- Check on popcorn sales

- 11a-b-c-d Discuss Be Ready scenarios
 - 11g Courage Character connection

 - 11e home escape routes
 - 11f Doctor checkup (optional)
 3a - Write or tell what makes America special to you.

 October 8
   Rolling View Campsite
   Den Time


- Whittling Knives
- Soap and Sharpening stones
- Clipboard, spreadsheet to track activities, tape measure for 30 yard dash

 - Class B Shirt
 - Review 19 and 16a-b-c
 - Bring Knife for whittling chip practice
 - Food for outdoor cooking



Den Time (1:30-3pm)
elective 25b - Hike
Leave No Trace Award: Discussed Completed one outing towards the 3 required. (Item 2).
Achievement 19a - Knife Safety Rules

Misc Other:
elective 25c - campfire activity
elective 25d - participate in overnight campout. help with tent and campsite.
elective 25e - religious ceremony (sunday AM - Scouts own)
Achievement 3f - Be a member of the color guard in a flag ceremony
Achievement 3i - Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony.
Achievement 12a - Go camping with your family (Please pick 2 more and finish this achievement, or do 3 if you were not at the campout.)


 November 1

    Room 30


 - Organize discussion for 3J on Citizenship

- Posters + Markers/Pencils/Crayons for poster

 - Discuss 3a with your Scout as input to meeting
- 11e - have completed


- 3a Write or tell what makes America special to you.
 - 3J Character Connection for Citizenship
- 3f Flag ceremony (Bears will also will do flag ceremony at pack meeting on November 17)

- Create poster to display at November 17 pack meeting - "Leave No Trace Theme"

 3G - Display the US flag in your home or on 3 national holidays (Veterans Day)

 November 17 (Pack Meeting)
     -  Flag Ceremony
- Display Leave No Trace Posters

 November 19
  Bluejay point park
1:30-2:30pm  (new time) 






- 5a-c-d-e with the BlueJay point park staff.
- Using the Eye Spy Discovery Box.
- 19 Check Whittling Chip session 2

 - 8C - gather pictures of your Scout doing scouting activities. See 8c for other information.

 December 6

    Room 30


 Weather Vane Kits

Spreadsheets for work at home

Christmas Card supplies



Item 1:
21a is build a model from a kit - So my thought is, lets kill two birds with one stone.
Henry: You showed me your kit for the weather vane, can you have 9 of these ready for Dec 6? seems like a kit to me.
This then takes care of the first part for elective 2b "Build a weather vane"

Item 2:
Since the core value for the month is "respect", we will swing back to achievement 8, and do achievement 8g
This leaves us to complete 2 of the other 5 at a later date.

Item 3: "gathering activity"
Make Christmas cards - I have the paper from the service committee - Getting more details.

Item 4:
Practice Christmas songs for Pack Meeting - Need to choose 2 or 3, AND get them registered with the program committee..

Item 5: We get cookies (or something similar!) for selling popcorn. I can ask Angie to bring these in!
-----> Snacks for Christmas!! Party!

Item 6: Take home activity for weather vane. + 2 others
There are three 2 week requirements dealing with weather:
We need to identity a basic spreadsheet + clear instructions for the parents.
Tracking any of these for 2 weeks will also qualify the boys for the weather belt loop.

 January 3

    Room 30

 Positive Attitude

- Scrapbook to capture pictures of the den





 - 8a - Meet at library, due some research

8b - Cub Scout a long time ago - Mike Johann

- 8e - History about the community.

- 21f - Complete your Pinewood Derby Car

 February 7

    Room 30


 - Materials for 21b or 21f




- elective 17 -Repairs

- Discussed cleaning a drain and fixing an electric plug

 -21G Resourcefulness character connection

 - 21f - Complete your Pinewood Derby Car

 February 10
My House  
      - Build Rockets
- Finish Whittling Chip
- 22d. Coil a rope. Throw it, hitting a 2-foot square marker 20 feet away.

 March 6

    Room 30


 Game gear - Review 15a and 15b
 - Identify Skit for Pack Meeting




- 24f Compassion Character Connection
 Webelos preparation activity

- 15a-b games
- 18h honesty character connection.
  - Practice Skit for Pack Meeting

- 21a - Complete your Pinewood Derby Car


 April 3

    Room 30






Weather Beltloop completed

- Draw a poster of the water cycle

- Created some Goop from borax.

Discussion on Faith


April 29

Elective #15 - Soil and Water Conservation -

Outing to Clemmons State Education Forest in Clayton
Completed elective 15 towards world conservation award.

 May 1

    Room 30
 Health & Fitness    Webelos parent overview Pizza Party at Baileywick Park
Read Webelos book. Review areas that you can help with the den.
 May Campout      TBD 

Every Meeting Activities:

 Before The Meeting



 After The meeting

- Establish Meeting Location
- Identify Den Chief / Denner Responsibilities

 Flag Ceremony

 Flag Ceremony

- Cleanup
- Review meeting with Den Chief and Denner

Den 4 Goals:


 How we will earn


 Earn 4 bear beads

 Den Activities + Work at Home

 Would like to award first bead by November 1.

Earn Bear Patch

 Den Activities + Work at Home

 Target completion of 2/28/2012

1 gold, 1 silver arrow point

 Den Activities + Work at Home

 Target completion of 4/30/2012

Earn World Conservation Award

 As part of various planned activities

 Target completion of 4/30/2012
Not yet layered into existing plans as of September 6.

 Earn Leave No Trace Award

 As part of various outdoor den and pack activities.

 Target completion of 4/30/2012
Not yet layered into existing plans as of September 6.

 Earn Popcorn patch

 Selling Popcorn

 Sell at least one order of popcorn.

 Earn Uniform Inspection Patch

 Parents ensure uniform is up to code.

 Will likely not occur until November.

Stretch Goal: Attend both campouts

 At least for Saturday, hopefully both nights.

 We will cover various den activities during den time. It is important your Scout be able to attend.

Stretch Goal: Implement Denner Program


 Each Scout to be denner for a month. Needs to be layered into the program.. Under review.

Stretch Goal: Earn religious Award towards achievement 2

Parents to work with son.

Catholic Award is Parvuli Dei for Bears / Webelos

Challenges for the cubs:

 Achievement or Elective


 24c - plan and conduct a den activity

 Need to plan out 30 days ahead. Will target spring meetings.

 18g - Write a story for the pack tracks newsletter

 Pack tracks input required by second friday of the month.

Bear Achievement Cross Reference - Dates, Work at Home activities, etc.


 At Den Meetings and Camp Outs

Work at home towards 12 achievements (Required)

 Work at home towards electives (Optional)

 God (Do One)


1 or 2 by 10/31/2011

1 or 2 by 04/30/2012

 Country (Do Three)

 3 (partial)
 4 (partial)

4c by 10/04/2011
3a by 11/01/2011
3g by 11/19/2011

6a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) by  04/30/2012
7a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) by 04/30/2012

 Family (Do Four)

 8 (partial)
 11 (partial)
12 (partial)

11e (11f optional) by 11/1//2011
8c by 12/06/2011
12b-c-d-e (any 2 or 3) by 12/31/2011
9a-b-c-d-e-f-g (pick 4) or 10a-b by 02/7/2012

 9a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) or 10a-b by 04/30/2012
13a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) by 04/30/2012

 Self (Do Four)


19a-b-c-d (practice at home) by 11/19/2012
21a by 02/16/2012

14a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) by 04/30/2012
17a-b-c-d-e-f (any) by 04/30/2012
18a-b-c-d-e-f-g (any) by 04/30/2012
20a-b-c (any) by 04/30/2012
22a-b-c-d-e-f (any) by 04/30/2012
23a-b-c-d-e (any) by 04/30/2012
24a-b-c-d-e (any) by 04/30/2012







Note: Most Electives will be done at home as optional.
Some will be part of the WC, and LNT Awards
PAges 180-278