Pack Structure

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BSA Cub Scout Pack Structure

What makes a trained leader?

Blue and Gold Committee: This group plans and coordinates the ceremonial dinner held on the evening of the Pinewood Derby. This includes planning the program agenda, entertainment, coordinating raffle prizes & sales with the pinewood derby committee, the meal’s main course, and coordinating other refreshments brought in by the different dens, decorations, paper goods, condiments, etc. This committee coordinates the Arrow of Light presentation with the Webelo II’s Den Leaders. This committee typically meets 1 time and then communicates through email. Serving on this committee is a three-month (Dec-Feb) commitment.

Camping and Outings Committee: This group plans the spring and fall campouts, the “Big Winter Event” and handles registration of district or council events. This includes location (campground and site designations), assisting families in locating supplies they may need, group meals, scout ceremonies (awards/recognitions), and scout activities (games, achievements, electives, guest speaker, etc.). This team will also plan, purchase (with reimbursement), prepare and serve the Saturday night meal at the campouts. This committee assists the summertime committee as needed with the summertime campout/trip. This committee typically meets once in the fall and once in the spring to plan out campouts/events. Serving on this committee is an all-year commitment with most of the time spent working in the month leading up to an event/campout.

Pinewood Derby Committee: This group will plan, organize and coordinate the Pinewood Derby (PWD), which takes place in February. Committee tasks typically include distributing car kits to scouts in December, coordinating a car building workshop in January, coordinating registration, gathering sponsorships, and coordinating refreshment and raffle sales. All members of the committee are expected to be available to help set up the night before, run the Derby on Saturday and take down afterward. One member of this committee must attend the district PWD as our pack representative. The committee typically meets 1-2 times in December/January for planning purposes. Serving on this committee is a three-month (Dec-Feb) commitment.

Program Committee: This group plans the monthly Pack meetings - including deciding on the program themes, activities, guest speakers, and den responsibilities. After the meetings have been planned, the agenda for each meeting (along with a list of den responsibilities) is passed to each Den Leader before their den meeting for implementation of the programs. One person on this committee attends the monthly round table meeting. This committee typically meets monthly either in person or via conference call, with follow up by individual members for each Pack Meeting. Serving on this committee is an all-year commitment.

Service and Community Committee: “A Cub Scout gives goodwill”. This group plans different ways that the Pack can give back to our community. Whether it is collecting canned foods for the food bank or participating in a trash pickup, it is the duty of a Cub Scout to show honor and respect for the place in which he lives. This group contacts charitable organizations and throughout the year will communicate with the Pack on when and where help is needed. This committee typically meets 1-2 times and communicates through email/phone. Serving on this committee is on average a 1-2 hour per month commitment all year.

Summertime Committee: This group plans different events for the months of June, July and August, in order for the scouts to continue to work together as a Pack and for the pack to be able to earn the National Summertime Award. The main event planned is the “Big Summer Trip or Activity,” this can be a campout or something big like a Space Derby, Boat Regatta, etc. The five other events can be anything from group tours at a museum, a day at a park or zoo, or even working to complete a specific challenge (read 10 grade level books) in order to receive a certain badge. The group passes on registration information on district and council summertime events as well. This committee typically meets once in Feb/March and then communicates through email/phone. This is a half year commitment (Feb-Aug).

Ways and Means Committee: Unfortunately, money doesn't grow on trees. The Pack relies heavily on fundraisers and donations to help provide funds we need to go camping, provide awards to Scouts, have the Pinewood Derby and train our leaders (among many other things). The primary function of this group is to plan and implement ways to bring money to the Pack through fundraisers with a specific focus on our annual popcorn sale in the fall. The chair (or another member) of this committee will serve as Popcorn Kernel. This committee typically meets 1-2 times annually for planning purposes. The popcorn sale requires a time commitment of 2-4 hours (per weekend) during the month of October as well as assistance with product and prize distribution. Serving on this committee can be an all-year commitment (if other fundraisers are done) but is usually a six-month commitment (July-Dec).