WEBELO II Bridging

Pack 314 - Webelos-II Graduation/Bridging Ceremony

(This impressive ceremony for Webelos Scouts can be used indoors or outdoors. Advancement ceremonies for the lower ranks may precede it.)


Webelos Den Leader (Akela)


Den Chief (as torchbearer)

Boy Scouts from Troop

Graduating Webelos Scout and his parents

Senior Patrol Leader.


Bridge with railings

Two campfires (artificial ones for indoors)

Camp Candle Lantern (carried by the torchbearer)

Boy Scout neckerchief.


A campfire is at each end of the bridge. The Webelos Scout and his parents are seated around one campfire; the Boy Scouts around the other. If this ceremony is held indoors, the room should be darkened.

Webelos Den Leader: (asks Webelos Scout to stand and repeat the Scout Promise. Then he calls:) Hello, Scouts of [name of troop].

Scoutmaster: (answers.) Hello, Webelos Scouts of Akela. What do you desire?

Webelos Den Leader: We have a Webelos Scout of Akela's council ring who has prepared himself for entrance into the council ring of [name of troop].

Scoutmaster: Bring him forward to the bridge that joins our two council rings.

(The Webelos den leader, accompanied by the torchbearer, leads graduating Webelos Scout and his parents to bridge. Scoutmaster crosses over bridge and is introduced to the parents and the Webelos Scout.)

Webelos Den Leader: [Name of graduate], you have contributed much to your den and pack, and we shall miss you and your parents. Now you are leaving us to enter the Boy Scout troop of your choice. There you will continue to grow in Scouting skills and friendships.

An important part of your Webelos Scout uniform is your neckerchief. Now that you are leaving our pack and Cub Scouting, will you remove your neckerchief and give it to me? Your new Scoutmaster will place about your neck the neckerchief of the troop you are to join.

(The Webelos Scout removes his neckerchief and gives it to the Webelos den leader. The Scoutmaster now beckons the graduate to follow him across the bridge.)

Scoutmaster: (standing before the Boy Scout campfire.) As Scoutmaster of Troop [number], I welcome you and your parents. There are many traditions in Troop [number] that will interest you.

(The Scoutmaster may explain one or two traditions and tell of important troop activities planned for the near future.)

Now it is my pleasure to present to you the neckerchief of our troop.

(He places the neckerchief around the neck of the incoming Boy Scout.)

Wear it with pride as many have done before you. Your senior patrol leader, [name], now wishes to express the troop's happiness in having you as a new member.

(The senior patrol leader leads the troop in a cheer for the new Scout. This is followed by the troop song or a good Scout song such as "Trail the Eagle;' found in the Boy Scout Songbook, and the Scout Oath.)

(all exit)