Popcorn Information 2019

This page is to communicate key details for the 2019 Popcorn Fundraiser.

Target Audience is parents of Cub Scouts in Pack 314.

Link to Council website: OCSCOUTS POPCORN 2018

Important Dates:

  • Show and Deliver Product available to pick up. Contact popcorn kernel if interested and for specific information.
  • Sept 22 - Popcorn sale begins
  • October 29 - Popcorn orders due to Popcorn Kernel. Drop off order forms between 6-7:15pm in room 34
  • Nov 18- Product available for delivery to customers
  • Nov 30 - All money due

Show and Sell Opportunities:

  • Please check for open slots at various locations in Raleigh (Pack 314 sellers only):
  • NOTE: Each sale worked will allow your son a share of the total of all show and sell sales. The basic split equation is:
    • (total hours per scout / total hours for all scouts) * Total Show and Sell Sales
    • Example: Scout works 1 hour, Total scout hours for all show and sells is 10, total sales is $400 for the show and sell.
    • The scout will get credit towards his sale target for (1/10)*$400 = $40 in sales.

Product Details:

Example Order Sheet:

  • To ensure your customers get their popcorn, it is important to properly record your sales.

Pack FAQ on Popcorn:

  • For details on the importance of the Popcorn Fundraiser to Pack 314, please review the FAQ.