Hiking Program

Purpose of the Program

This program invites the scouts to be more active in the outdoors, to learn more about the environment, practice “Leave No Trace,” and learn what type of wild animals and birds live in their local area.

A scout earns one mile credit for every mile hiked. The goal is for your son to have fun while hiking, to enhance this experience, he will be able to earn the symbol of the Hiking Program, the Hiking Stave or Stick as well as other rewards pertaining to his participation and milestones.

The hiking program will run year round and will consist of monthly hikes. Most hikes will be within an hour’s drive. The hikes are about 1 to 4 miles each (1 ½ to 2 ½ hrs). They will be appropriate for all ranks from Tiger to Webelos.

All scouts, families and siblings of Pack 314 are welcome to participate. Besides the fun of getting outdoors for a little fresh air and exercise with family and friends, many locations will include an educational component such as a museum, or homestead.

Den Level Hike

Dens can organize and go on den-level hikes that counts towards their miles so long as 2-deep leadership is maintained, and the other Hiking Program rules are followed. The Hiking Program Committee leader will review Den-level hikes prior to the den-level hiking event to ensure that the den-level hiking events are in the sprint of the Hiking Program.

Individual Level Hike

While the purpose is to encourage hiking in our scouts and they may want to continue hiking on their own as a family, only the organized Pack and Den Level hikes count toward the hiking program.

Hiking Rules

Annual Health Record on file with Den Leader. BSA Health and Medical Record

Hike lengths range 2 – 5 miles.

Tiger Scouts are required to have a parent-guardian on the hike with them at all times.

All hikes will depart from the meeting location as scheduled.

Scouts can choose between their class A & B shirts. It’s good to be identified as a scout.

Scouts should wear a hat. Hats provide protection from the weather. (Rank hats are optional.)

Wear comfortable shoes, preferably hiking shoes with appropriate socks.

Scouts will be responsible for carrying their own gear – so keep it light!

Bring water. And it is also smart to pack some sort of trail snack.

Insect repellant!

Bring an emergency/safety whistle to use should you get lost.

Siblings may participate. It is up to the parent-guardian to decide if younger children can maintain a consistent pace and are capable of hiking the designated distance. Only scouts will receive hiking awards. If siblings participate the parent should hike as well.

An adult leader is assigned to the “tail” position. No one is allowed behind this individual. The Pack hikes as a unit. We start together, break together, etc., with everyone following the same trail. We may allow an older Scout to “Lead”.

All mileage that is earned must be recorded by the hike leader to receive credit. It is the scout’s responsibility to sign-in at each event.

Awards received for “Miles Hiked” will be awarded at Pack meetings.

No dogs allowed on pack hikes.