My kid is a scout.  Now what?

Congratulations!  You've taken your first step into a larger world.  With history going back almost 100 years, the first few months in Scouting can feel overwhelming.  Below are a few quick topics to make you feel at home.

Pack and Den Meetings

Pack meetings are typically held on the second Saturday of the month in the Lewis Room on the St. Raphael's campus.  

Den meeting schedules are based on the needs of the Den and at times that work best for the individual Dens.  

For a full schedule of Pack and Den meetings, see the calendars in Scoutbook.

Please note that individual Den schedules are not shared publicly and are only available to registered members via Scoutbook.


All new scouts are added in the Cub Scout program, Scoutbook.  Scoutbook is the online tool Cub Scouts uses to keep up with our Pack, Den, achievements, rank, events, and communications.  To access Scoutbook click on the following link:

Scoutbook can be a little tricky to navigate at first, but please feel free to reach out with any questions.  You can also check out this website with some great step by step instructions on how to use Scoutbook.


We know families are busy and we offer a variety of communication options.  Scoutbook emails are the official form of communication from the Pack.  As a Den, you will receive emails from Scoutbook, and personal emails like this one today.  In addition, we have a Pack 314 Facebook group that is open only to Pack families that you are welcome to join:

Please note the Pack 314 Facebook group is only for Cub Scout parents currently registered with Pack 314.  


Our uniform is the blue button-down shirt, neckerchief, and neckerchief slide, with the optional rank hat.  All of these items can be purchased at the Occoneechee Scout Shop located at 3231 Atlantic Ave. Raleigh, NC 27604

Our Pack also has a "pay it forward" bin of uniforms Scouts pass down.  If you would like for us to check the bin for any uniform pieces or books, please let us know.

We encourage Scouts to wear their uniform to Den meetings, Pack meetings, and some Cub Scout events. This shirt is considered our "Class A" uniform.  The Pack also sells t-shirts that are "Class B" t-shirts. Some Scouting events sell shirts or include shirts as part of the event.  When we attend an event, the Pack will let us know if we need to wear a "Class A" or "Class B" shirt to an event. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Cub Scouts is designed as a family affair.  It is an activity you do together with your child.  But beyond that, there are numerous opportunities at the Pack level to assist in a larger capacity.  Our Pack is only as strong as our volunteers.  We strive to build and maintain a vibrant program for our kids.  

If nothing else, we want your voice heard on our Pack Committee.  Committee meetings are once a month in the evenings via Zoom and typically last an hour.  During the committee meetings we review our budget, plans for the next month and share any other news from the Pack and around the District.  There are also multiple areas of responsibility for which the committee is responsible.  

Each Den requires two-deep leadership with our Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders.  The Pack itself has a Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmasters.  These child-facing positions are the face of Scouting to our children.  

For more information on any of these volunteer opportunities with the pack, please see the Pack Structure page.