Tiger Bridging

Pack 314 - Tiger Cub Graduation/Bridging Ceremony


Akela - Cubmaster

Baloo - Assistant Cubmaster

Bagheera - Tiger Den Leader(s)

Drummer - An older Scout


Orange face paint pencil

Wolf neckerchief (already rolled)

Neckerchief slide

Wolf Hat

Wolf book

(hat and book optional)

(Drum beat starts, slow and steady)

AKELA: Would the following Tiger Cubs and their parents please come forward - Tigers to the side of the bridge to my left, and parents to the opposite side.

(BAGHEERA reads the names of the Tiger Cubs. They assemble in a line at the bridge, parents opposite holding the boys neckerchief, hat, book)

AKELA: For the past several months, you and your family have explored new and exciting things and places. You have taken each part of the Tiger Cub Motto: "Search, Discover, Share", and have used it in your home, school, and neighborhood.

You and your adult partner have searched out new activities in your home, school, and neighborhood, which have shown you how people work together and have fun together.  To represent your search, you will be given the mark of the foot trail.

(With orange paint, BALOO draws footprints on right cheek)

AKELA: You and your adult partner have discovered that by doing things together with friends and family, you feel a sense of being a part of the family, community, and country.  To represent your discovery, you will be given the mark of the open hand.

(With orange paint, BALOO draws an open hand on the left cheek)

AKELA: You have shared the things you searched out with your family, friends, and fellow Tiger Cubs, which let them learn about you and the things you saw and did, and you about them.  That is one of the major purposes of the Tiger Cub program.

Now it is time to move along the Scouting Trail.  In Cub Scouting, your family is important, just as it is throughout your whole Scouting experience. Support in earning each badge comes from your family, as well as from your Den Leader.  Your parents will help you each step along the way.

Parents, on behalf of Pack 314, thank you for taking the time to Search, Discover and Share the Tiger Cub Program with your son. May you and your son experience the many wonders awaiting you as you continue to climb the Scouting trail.

Tigers, on behalf of our Pack, I would like to welcome you into the next step of Scouting - the Wolf rank.  As you cross over the bridge and graduate from Tiger Cubs, I ask your adult partner to present you with your Wolf neckerchief, hat, and book.  When your name is called, please cross over the bridge and begin your Wolf Scouting adventures.

(BAGHEERA reads the names of the graduating Tigers.  Parents place neckerchief around each Scout’s neck and secures it with the neckerchief slide)

(AKELA, BALOO, and BAGHEERA then shake each Tiger Cub’s and his parent’s hand)