WEBELO I Bridging

Pack 314 - Webelos-I Graduation/Bridging Ceremony



Den Leaders




Drum (optional)

Indian Dancer (optional)

Hear now the Webelos legend - The tale of the Webelos tribe, and of its Chief, Akela.

In the darkness; Mowgli the Indian boy lay in his teepee and listened to the rustle of the trees in the night. Suddenly he heard the beat of the great ceremonial drum. The braves of the tribe were convening. Quickly and quietly they gathered around the great Council Fire Ring, awaiting Akela, their Chief.


Here they often came for decisions and direction. Here, too, the Great Spirit is sought.

As their Chief Akela stepped into the light of the great ceremonial fire, the drumbeat rose from low and slow to a roaring thunder, as he danced near the fire.

The ceremonial dance was full of gesture, and it told of his life. He told of the strength of his father, the powerful "Arrow of Light", and of the wisdom and grace of his mother "Kind Eyes".

The tom-toms beat on and his dance told of trips to the forest, where the Wolf taught him the ways of the wildlife, of the ground, of the tracks, and of hunting food.  The dance next told how he faced the Bear and learned the meaning of courage; and then how he became a young Scout of the trail.  Then Akela, the wise, closed his dance.

Now as the drumbeat was slow again, as he shared a message of wisdom with the tribe. He said this:

"The future is hidden…but if we are each strong and brave and fair, our tribe will always be strong.  Let us name our tribe for the Bobcat, the Wolf, the Bear, and the Scout. We shall be called the “Webelos” tribe…and the strongest of all we will be.”

Akela thus ended his message. The beat of the tom-toms was stilled. In the silence the warriors all stood, and then suddenly they gave a great gutteral howl. Next, in the light of the fire and the still of the night, the braves raised their right hands toward heaven. A "Living Circle" was formed with their left. The Webelos pledged "On My Honor I Will Do My Best".

This is the Webelos legend. The reason for their strength is that they honor the pledge which they make - to always do their best.

As I call each name, I ask that these young men cross the bridge from first-year Webelos to second-year Webelos….the strongest of all Cub Scout tribes.  In order to gain passage across the bridge, you must make the pledge that the Webelos warriors of the past also made – “On My Honor I Will Do My Best”.  

(call names)